Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yummy One Minute Breakfast "Egg in a Cup"

Breakfasts used to be too stressful for me. Everyone's just rushing to get ready to leave for school or work. My son's favorite breakfast is sunny side-up with turkey bacon and rice. When I'm running late, breakfast is cereal, toaster strudel, poptarts, breakfast bars, granola or packaged instant oatmeal --very convenient but most of the time, too sweet! Lately, I've also been making these Yummy One Minute Breakfast "Egg in a Cup". I do this in the microwave and it's quick, flavorful, pretty and clean-up is a breeze--you can even serve this as part of a brunch buffet! Depending on your microwave settings, it can turn out almost like poached egg/"over easy" to "over well". Eggs are cheap and packed with nutrients (proteins; vitamins A, D,E,K; minerals and carotenoids). Yolks have both omega-3 fatty acids and cholesterol so a maximum of 2 yolks per week is recommended for those with high cholesterol.

If possible, don't let your child skip this important meal of the day! There are studies that show kids perfom significantly better in school when they eat breakfast. Kids are more alert and score better in math, reading, and other standardized test scores. They behave better in class and are less prone to discipline problems. You might wish to look at the impact of school breakfast on health and learning at Sodex Foundation.

Please take note: when you make this recipe just make sure you prick the egg yolk with a fork before microwaving. Otherwise, you'll have a really, messy microwave!

Here's the recipe for Yummy One Minute Breakfast "Egg in a Cup":
1 egg
a sprinkle of Montreal seasoning or salt and pepper to taste
any finely diced veggies or herbs of choice (I used red bell pepper and green onions)
any kind of cheese (optional)

Crack an egg into a silicon baking cup. PRICK THE EGG YOLK with a fork. Add whatever seasoning, diced veggies and herbs and/or cheese of your choice (you can also add the cheese later after microwaving) --- get creative, make it as simple or as complex as you wish! Microwave for 1 minute to 1.5 minutes depending on your microwave power settings which vary according to model/manufacturer. You may have to test what works for you. We personally prefer eggs with yolk slightly runny but the white almost fully set like the consistency of soft tofu.


Cate said...

so easy, and it looks delicious. will definitely try this one out! mmmm.

cannot wait, too, to look around your blog. it's always so wonderful to find another mama food blogger.

Sayian said...

Wow that looks pretty good haha

Momgateway said...

Sayian and Cate:Thanks for your kind words..

Cate: I like your guest bloggers...they seems to be enjoying the experience. Your recipes look good too and I'm happy when I find other mama bloggers. Thanks for dropping by...

Sheila said...

This is such a great idea! I am always trying to find something more interesting than cereal for breakfast but still quick to give to my children. Thanks!

Munchkin Mommy said...

This is wonderful! You're right about the "morning rush". I will try this recipe one of these days. :)