Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Momgateway Light Recipes Contest Winner

Here's the round-up:

I loved the simple elegance of this light and healthy side dish 
Cantaloupe Roasted Cornish Game Hen came as a packet filled with aromatics, veggies and crispy game hen
La Ratatouille  was gorgeous... a unique take on a classic favorite!

There were only three entries but they were beautiful creations so I recruited a couple of my girlfriends -----Kim and Cindy, who are fabulous cooks in their own right, to help me judge the winner. Our choice was unanimous...we all liked the Cantaloupe Roasted Cornish Game Hen.  Kim says "It is a complete 'light' meal that would appeal to most men as well as women ...and the use of cantaloupe is so creative. Cindy says she would actually make the dish as the "sweet cantaloupe with the hen sounds wonderful and could be presented in a very appealing way".  I actually like how cantaloupe complements the veggies and curried hen plus I enjoy food roasted in small packets and the thrill of discovering the delicious flavors inside."

Congratulations, HLT.  Thanks to CSN  and for everyone who participated or commented!


Sharlene T. said...

I agree, the Cantaloupe Cornish Hen caught my eye, right away... and I feel terrible for forgetting to submit my recipe... family illness took my attention and the deadline just slipped by... but, these are great dishes and I hope you'll have another contest in the future... come visit when you can

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Carolyn Jung said...

Cantaloupe with Cornish game hens! Wow, that sounds spectacular.

tigerfish said...

I won? I cannot believe this! Thanks so much.

Do I need to provide my email address to you?