Monday, October 4, 2010

My Son's Favorite Brisket Sandwich

My son gets so excited when we have leftover brisket. He loves bringing home lunch to school and his current favorite is Grilled Brisket-Muenster Cheese Sandwich made with thickly cut brisket, pan-fried until the sides are crispy.   I like brisket with steamed jasmine rice but he prefers crispy, shredded brisket in a sandwich. This Grilled Brisket-Muenster Cheese Sandwich sticks to your sides.  It's spicy, hot and flavor-packed....Brisket + Siracha (a hot, red pepper sauce) + Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce makes a great combination.  We've been using Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce ever since our dear friend, Gary M, slathered Bull's-Eye on grilled burgers when they invited us for a barbie at their condo in Branson, MO three years ago!

Did you know?
Although brisket is a tough cut of meat, it has lots of connective tissue that gelatinizes and moistens the muscle fibers rendering the meat very tender when slow-cooked in a smoker, oven or braised a crock pot. It is a great cut not just for barbecue, pastrami and corned beef  but also for Korean and Chinese braised dishes and making beef bacon. How do you cook your brisket? How do you serve leftovers?  

Grilled Brisket-Muenster Cheese Sandwich

brisket slices (pan-fried then shredded)
honey whole wheat bread
Siracha sauce
Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce
Muenster cheese
Assemble the sandwich. Use butter or spray canola oil on the surface of a cast iron pan and grill the sandwich till golden brown on both sides. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

A brisket sandwich sounds awesome for lunch, my daughter would love it too!

Chef E said...

I love this cut of meat, have since I was a young girl. My mom learned how to smoke it while slow cooking it, now I want one!

Yours looks great with the cheese too!

Koko said...

Wow your son sure is lucky to get a lunch as nice as that!

~Lisa~ said...

OH yum. This could be my favorite sandwich too! Thanks for your sweet comment on the PFB#3. I truly appreciate it!

tigerfish said...

Allow me to have a bite, please? So hungry just looking at it!

Katerina said...

I wish I was having this sandwich with me at the office this morning. Instead, I had skimmed milk.

Chef Dennis Littley said...

Brisket is such a great cut of meat for barbecue, we love to cook it till it falls apart! Your sandwich looks so very very good, I can understand why your son loves it! Bullseye has been my favorite BBQ sauce since it came out sooo many years ago!

Carolyn Jung said...

Your son has excellent taste. This looks like a winner of a sandwich.