Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Firey Habanero Baked Tofu

 Credits: Chili framed art from CSN. Their wall art and decor is a good starting place to get cool decor like this chili framed art for "fire-eater" friends and family.

My sister is a fire eater...well almost... she eats habaneros every day!   No meal is complete without a chili or two. She grows habaneros and bird's eye chili in her bedroom, even in the dead of winter!  The chilis are so pretty.  Bright red and orange fruits look like fairy lights amid the lush green leaves.  Charming but deadly hot!  A thin slice of habanero is all I can handle. But not her...see the slivers of orange habaneros in this tofu?  It looks like art to me but this is one of her firey creations.... tofu studded with habaneros! 

Firey Habanero Baked Tofu 
      1 block medium soft tofu
      2 habaneros
      salt and pepper
      sweet chili sauce
Slice the tofu. Make incisions and insert slivers of habanero.  Sprinkle kosher salt and pepper.  Spray Pam cooking spray over the tofu.  Broil at 350 F till tofu is crispy at the margins.  Serve with sweet chili sauce.  WARNING: This is really hot!  I tried a small piece of the tofu as far away from the habanero slices and my mouth was on fire for an hour!


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome with the heat from habanero!

Erica said...

I love spicy food, but I don't like tofu! My vegetarian husband would love this.

Carolyn Jung said...

Whoa! That's a mouthful of heat! Your sis has a steel-lined stomach. ;)

elra said...

Love spicy food, but I never tried habanero pepper. Sound really fiery.

Alisa said...

Thanks for the wall art link! I want to get some warm foodie art for the kitchen.

I love baked tofu, but this may be a wee bit spicy for us! It looks tasty though.

Big Dude said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. AExcept for the tofu :-), this looks like a place I'll keep visiting.