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Super Tender Passover Brisket and Real Salt Giveaway

Is Your Salt Real?   Do you use REAL sea salt - pure, unrefined, untreated with chemicals and no additives?

I grew up using coarse sea salt with specks of black and grey. We used to think it was kind of dirty but my mom said that's the color of natural sea salt.  My mom used to get this from the local market. This salt was freshly made -- sea water collected in shallow pools, exposed to the sun to evaporate all the water, raked and repeatedly sun-dried until the speckled, coarse, uneven salt crystals were ready to be harvested.  

That's why I was surprised that most brands of sea salt in the U.S. supermarkets are sparkling white in color. Even sea salt from the Mediterranean and coasts of France are pure white!

Here in the U.S., most sea salts are quarried from underground salt mines. To make iodized salt, potassium iodide and other ingredients may be added: calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, calcium phosphate or carbonate and even  dextrose -- to make salt-free-flowing.  Many salts intended for food processing are highly purified and stripped of their natural trace minerals so the "impurities" don't interfere with food processes!  You can read more about how salt is made at: http://www.madehow.com/Volume-2/Salt.html

Since my diagnosis we've been using pink Real Salt or sometimes Himalayan Salt because they have not been stripped of their natural minerals and flavor. It sort of reminds me of the verse about us being the salt of the earth and that salt that has no flavor  is worthless and fit to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.  White salt has not lost it's flavor but lacks the natural minerals that have been purified out by processing.

Most cancer patients have vitamin and mineral imbalances and are low in iodine, magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium, other minerals, trace elements and Vitamins C and D.  It's said, a pinch of quality sea salt in several glasses of pure water each day provides us with minerals and trace elements we need stay healthy.  To help build my immune system, I take a small amount of minimally processed sea salt daily and mega-doses of vitamin C but I'll talk more about this vitamin in a later post.  

Meanwhile, would you like to make this succulent and delicious, No Fail Passover Brisket with just four ingredients?  It's so easy to prepare for any occasion.

 Super Tender Passover Brisket
     6-10 lbs of grass-fed beef brisket
     Olive oil
     Freshly crushed black pepper
     Real Salt

Rinse lightly the surface of the beef brisket. Pat dry with a towel. Spread olive oil evenly on all the surfaces.  Add generous amounts of freshly ground black pepper and Real Salt. (Don't worry, it won't be too salty as the salts will go to the with liquid that accumulates in the pan).  Wrap seasoned brisket with aluminum foil.  Place in the oven for 7-12 hours at 200 F. Cooking at very low temperature for a long time will make the brisket very tender. You can tell if the meat is ready when you can smell the distinct aroma of the cooked brisket. I found out 7 hours in the oven is just right for 6 pounds if you want meat that's tender but easy to cut cleanly with a knife.  Important: After taking it out of the oven, don't remove the foil tent and just let the meat rest for 20 minutes to 1 hour before slicing. 

Real Salt Giveaway:
My friends at Real Salt will be giving away a goodie package of  Real Salt (kosher and fine). I'm so happy I could share these product with you. I highly recommend them so please enter this giveaway so you can see for yourself how different real salt tastes.

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Ah, I love this post! So many people don't realize that real, pure salt is a lot different to table salt. I always use himalayan sea salt now- so much healthier and pure!

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What a great and informative post. One day I want to try real sea salt, with the little specks in it. Thanks for being a part of the YBR:)

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I'm a salt fiend and many of my favorite recipes call for specialty salts. This would be well used in my kitchen. Thanks!

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